About Us

The purpose of Vapers Place

Vapers Place was created on September, 17th 2009. The purpose of the site is to provide a social network platform for electronic cigarette as well as advanced personal vaporizer users. Members can create and join groups, post on our forum and share content with fellow vapers. As a member you can also integrate your Twitter or YouTube account so any content you post on there will appear on the homepage activity stream.

Vapers Place is a great place to find information, interact with fellow vapers and share your favorite vaping related content.

Vapers Place is also the home of The VP Live Network. The shows that are currently part of the network are:

VP Live Talk Radio – Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST

Anti-Nanny with ravengrim – Monday nights at 6:00pm EST

Click Bang Radio – Tuesday nights at 9:00pm EST

Smoke Free Radio – Wednesday nights at 9:00pm EST

The Jeanniek Show – Thursday nights at 9:00pm EST

These are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How to sign up for Vapers Place
Just click the “Register” link located on the homepage. You can also join by signing in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

How to create an upcoming vapers meet listing
In your group page click Create Event. Click on the calendar to choose a date then scroll down to Create Event and fill in the information for the event. Once you’re done, you click the Create Event button and then the event will be saved and will appear on the upcoming vapers meets widget which appears on the activity page.

How to view a profile, send a private message, send a friend request and send an @mention
All you have to do is click on a users avatar to go to their profile page. Next to their profile pick is the add friend and the private message buttons. The public message button is to send an @mention to the user.

Integrate your Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or RSS Feed with Vapers Place
Go to your profile page and click on Settings then click on Social Networks. Follow the directions once your on the page.

Vapers Place Signature

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