• They’re bitches Jim.
      Anytime you get any group together, you always end up with a group of idiots. Or in this case, two big groups of idiots, and numerous smaller groups of idiots like this one. Maybe it’s because I grew up with church politics, I see it everywhere. But this is no different than any other group of people you’re going to run into. And, like any other group like it, I find myself happier on the fringes. Take care, man.

      • I hear ya. I find myself happier now that I no longer partake in this drama bullshit. I still go to ECF once in awhile to catch the news, and here to touch base with my friends, but that is pretty much it. I made this video because even after a YEAR, the community is no further to resolving things than when we first started. That is why I walked away (partially) from the community. From this point forward, whatever happens, happens. Vape strong, my friend! 🙂

    • And as a note, a LOT of people walked away. 🙁