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Tuesday, September 30th at 9:00pm EST
Click, Bang!

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VP Live Talk Radio

Sundays at 9:00pm EST


VP Live Talk Radio is an informative and entertaining talk show hosted by Kevin and Dino.
The show is primarily Kevin and Dino interviewing various members of the vaping community.
Other topics that are also discussed are vaping and anti-tobacco related news, new products
and various news and events that happen within the vaping community.

Anti-Nanny with Ravengrim

Mondays at 6:00pm EST


Called a pure Libertarian show by Russ from Click, Bang! Current news and events from a Libertarian perspective.
Sometimes it’s about vaping, but not always.

Click, Bang!

Tuesdays at 9:00pm EST


Click, Bang! is a two-part program. The first half is a talk-radio style podcast dealing with issues in the vaping community, libertarian topics, comedy routines, and odds and ends about Russ’ unusual life. Topics are often quite controversial and NSFW. The second half is an FM Radio style music show with a focus on high-energy rock, rap, and pop music. Click, Bang! received awards for Most Entertaining Host, Show With The Best Music, and Muckraker in the Guide to Vaping Best of 2011 awards.

Smoke Free Radio

Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST


A radio program like no other.
Geared to those looking for an alternative to smoking as well as those who have already made the step but want to help spread the word.
I am a believer of free speech, fighting for the rights of those unduly wronged, and calling out those who attempt to stifle the truth. Join me on Smoke-Free Radio where I will clear the air on e-cigs.
Smoke-Free Radio. The journey begins. NOW.


The Jeannie K Show

Thursdays at 9:00pm EST


The Jeannie K Show focuses on helping the new vaper. Her main objective is to help new vapers with any questions they might have about products or vaping in general. She also has a segment called “Lightning Deals” where she gives out discount codes to various e-cigarette and e-liquid vendors. Various products and news happening in the vaping community is also discussed.


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